Game Day Times
7:53 pm July 15, 2021 - Mark

From the 1st August   we will be trialing new timings for the game days. 

From this day we will have the safety brief at 9.15 and look to start games at 9.30  and play until 16:30.

We are trying this to give you a longer day and hopefully make the games flow a bit better. 



Hunt Tex Results
2:30 pm August 21, 2021 - Mark

Well today we had Tex turn up and the first and ONLY kill of the day was carried out by Luke Wilkinson

So the leader board stands like this 


Luke Wilkinson    2 points  

Steve Shephard   2 points  

Trevor Rolfe          2 points

Jun Chow              2 points

Henry Dwight        6 points

Bertie Dwight        2 points

Dion (Token )        7 points 

Chris Dow              4 points

Matt Vaisey            2 points

Robert Thorpe        2 points

Victor Kalis             5 points

James Owen          2 points

Jamie Stephen       2 points






Come on everyone let's hunt Tex.

Operation DRAGOON
10:49 am October 31, 2020 - Tom

Its Time!

Operation DRAGOON is a multi-gun shooting competition designed specifically with airsoft in mind. Players will compete in a series of physically challenging stages against the clock to find the best player in the region.

All you need is a pistol, one other gun (rifle, sniper, shotgun, or DMR), and something to carry all your ammo in (chest rig, plate carriers, etc).

If you have never heard of a multigun competition and aren’t sure of what to expect we recommend you give this playlist a watch:

For more info take a look at our Facebook page and download the Player Handbook. Registration is now open on our facebook page.


The Absolute Airsoft Team